03 September 2007

the first bit

I bought a pot of Clematis paniculata (also called Clematis terniflora) over at Clear Brook Farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont, last week and was going to plant it to climb up a tripod I was going to construct of ash saplings. Well, I looked at the ash saplings I had piled in the orchard, grown over as they are with weeds, with the thinnest lengths, of course, at the bottom of the pile, and it was all just too much to contemplate last night.

I thought, You really have to get this in the ground before you go back to the city for the week. And then looking at the slope, Hmmm, won't sweet autumn clematis climb along the ground as well as it would up a trellis?

So I cleared a ten-foot swath in the jungle that is the slope and nestled the clematis in a nice deep hole. I subsequently read that when one plants clematis, one should locate the crown about two inches below the soil line, so this morning I dug up the rootball and replanted it. Then for decorative effect, I set an old plow attachment down next to it. I envision the clematis trailing decoratively over it, and, I hope, eventually covering it.

If it takes, it will be a tangle of green that bursts into soft white bloom at the end of summer.

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