01 August 2007

phlox 'n' roses

Alan, you put me to shame! Your roof garden looks beautiful in mid-July. Herewith a photo of Phlox paniculata "David" and a variety that might well be "Blue Paradise" behind it, along with a lovely pink rose whose name I will also have to confirm with Alan.*

To me, the gentle scent of phlox in bloom is the smell of summer. Drowsy. Dusty. "Honey, pour me a Coke, and I'll tell you a story."

On our drives into Salem every Saturday morning to pick up our mail, we pass a small white house with a side garden that must be 30 feet long and 15 feet wide. It's jammed full of every imaginable color of phlox—and only phlox—which is a beautiful sight. But can you imagine how powerful the scent of all those massed flowers must be?

And now a fuzzy shot of one of Alan's Lilium "Casa Blanca." Those red stamens! That orange pollen! Honestly, the combination of those two colors against the white petals is quite something, isn't it?

And then Alan's Helianthus "Lemon Queen." Remember the slip it was on 12 June? Here it is on 11 July, which is when I took all three of these pictures. What a monster! I'll post a photo of the first bloom, and then another when it's in full bloom.

. . . You'll see. It will be cuh-ray-zy.

* I asked Alan about the other phlox and the rose. He says he bought both from Jackson & Perkins. The phlox is Phlox paniculata "Jessica," although I searched and couldn't find mention of "Jessica" online, although I did find a lilac-colored "Miss Jessica." I wonder if they're the same variety? The rose is a variety called "Pink Simplicity."

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