05 June 2007

flowers this weekend

We had some friends over for lunch on Sunday afternoon, so before they arrived, B went out to cut a few flowers for the table. We're at that awkward time between the daffodils/tulips and the early summer blooms, or so we thought. Lots of tufts of greenery, not many flowers yet. As I say, B went out with a pair of scissors to see what he could find. Some nice lupine is in bloom, always gorgeous, and the bearded iris in the peony bed are also out. I asked B not to cut the iris, though, because there are so few blossoms, and when the first fades, the next one is only about two inches down the stem, and if you cut the one, you cut them all, and blah blah. B was kind enough to indulge me, but he did find some wild-looking ones in front of the stone wall near the L&S slope. So this is what he put together. The flowers look nice, but I think the way he arranged them is extra-fine. There's the lupine, of course, and the iris, but then also a stray geranium, some Nepeta "Walker's Low," a "Joseph's Coat" rose (to the right), a little honeysuckle ringing the bottom, and then Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis), which looks somewhat like garden phlox, but whose flowers have four petals (instead of five) and which blooms in May and June instead of in high summer. Mr. Robinson called it false phlox. It's blooming everywhere in Washington County right now.


  1. Oh my gosh. That looks like a $100 dollar arrangement from a florist. Extra fine indeed. I really should cut more flowers to bring in the house.

  2. That's the big joke between the two of us: "How much do you think this would cost in NYC?" I'm getting better at cutting things to bring inside, partly because, well, I grew 'em, and partly because having them at eye level on a table means I can really look at them.