27 June 2007

endless summer

On the way back to Pleasant Hill from the lake house, B and I stopped off at Brookside Nursery in Ballston Spa to buy two "Endless Summer" hydrangeas for either side of the front door, an anniversary present from each of us to the other. I planted them on Sunday afternoon—positioned them carefully, dug nice deep holes to which I added compost, sprinkled some aluminum sulfate on the soil surface and scratched it in (on the recommendation of someone at the nursery), and then watered the two plants deeply. Here's the one on the south side of the front porch. Looks nice!

All is well, right? Well . . .

The one on the south side of the porch looks absolutely fine, not like his brother on the north side, unfortunately, who has lots of brown leaves, but seems otherwise all right. My first thought was that perhaps the bush on the north side is getting more sun, but that seems unlikely, as the two are planted about ten feet apart and get approximately the same amount of morning sunlight. Then I read around a bit on the Web about aluminum sulfate, which will burn if inadvertently sprinkled onto foliage. I'm usually pretty careful about things like that, so it seems unlikely to me that I apparently sprinkled it with abandon on the one and not the other, but one never knows, does one?

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