31 May 2007

the veggie garden

B's vegetable garden is looking wonderful from any angle. All of the potatoes are up, the peas are starting to climb the wire fencing (after he disentangles them from the onions growing directly in front of them), the tomatoes are nestled deep in the center bed (only five plants total this year, down from a record 20 plants last year), and B's been sowing successive patches of lettuce, so we'll be eating salad from the garden for a while yet.

Potatoes, tomatoes, yellow squash, Delicata squash, watermelons, turnips, mesclun, arugula, cilantro, onions, peas, green beans, one zucchini plant only, I know I've forgotten something . . .

Dale, our green bean– and lettuce-loving dog, looks pleased (if a little distracted by something on the far end of the barn) with the way things are turning out.

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