22 May 2007

rounding it off

A little background: B observed last fall that we weren't spending a whole lot of time on the south side of the house admiring the flowers in the perennial garden. I mean, we have a nice bench there and some pretty scenery, but we always are more likely to open up the back door and take a drink and a book out to the chairs on the patio (aside: "patio" is too fancy a word for the cement slab behind the house, but anyway, maybe someday we'll do something about that) than we are to settle in for a nice, relaxing break near the perennial garden. Because we spend so much time on the patio and because the location affords an excellent view of trees and sky but nothing closer in, B thought it would be nice to have a little garden within arm's reach, possibly planted with some kitchen herbs so that we wouldn't have to trek out to the vegetable garden every time we wanted some rosemary or thyme for cooking . . .

So, two weekends ago while B was out, I marked off a nice large arc connecting the corner of the patio with the side garden (I sprinkled flour on the ground to delineate the arc). When B returned, I showed the outline to him, and he thought maybe it was a little large for right now; after all, we would have to fill it with plants. So I brought it in a bit, dug and raked it, and then B planted some herbs he'd bought for it. Looked pretty, but one side of the arc I drew was a little flat, so B modified the shape a bit, and I dug it out. In the process of digging we uncovered a flagstone path that cuts through the middle of the garden, a happy occurrence.

We are very pleased with our work. The garden embraces the patio, softening its edge somewhat, and it leads the eye beyond the patio and around the house to the larger bed beyond. We didn't really think about that aspect of the "design," but, of course, a nice rounded shape is inviting. Planted so far in our new garden are comfrey, dill, echinacea, monarda, flat-leaved parsley, rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, French tarragon, lemon verbena, and (though it's not an herb or useful medicinal, it was already there and we hated to move it) helenium.

This is yours truly on Sunday afternoon planting the dill. Dale is watching a tennis ball on the lawn, hoping upon hope that it will be thrown for him to chase.

It was.

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