31 May 2007

rose checklist

Fed our three rose bushes on Memorial Day, Monday, 28 May. Will feed them once a month through the summer, if I follow the directions on the Rose-tone® package.

Two of the bushes are very pretty David Austin roses (one is definitely "Abraham Darby," and the other, I think, is "Graham Thomas"), but they've never seemed to really settle in and grow for us. So we bought a bag of fertilizer for them this past weekend, have weeded and mulched the ground around them, and are going to pay lots of attention this year to them in the hope that they will begin to flourish. Up to this point we've been lucky they've only languished and not simply given up the ghost.

We have a climbing "Joseph's Coat" rose in the chicken coop, and it seems to be doing pretty well, but we hope we can encourage it to do even better!

So that's the first mark on the checklist: 28 May rose feeding.

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