16 May 2007

pictures from last weekend

Three Shasta daisy "Alaska" plants with three rosemary plants waiting to be planted; the daisies in the perennial bed, and the rosemary in our new kitchen garden (pictures to come next weekend).

What has happened to poor PeeGee hydrangea? He's not leafing out yet. I seem to remember that he takes a while, so I will be patient . . .

Next are the last of the daffodils. These are a particularly lush little bunch of multi-stemmed, very fragrant daffodils. They're B's favorites. I'd post the picture of B giving them the thumb's up, but he would nix the idea, I'm pretty certain.

In addition to the dandelions in the lawn (mentioned below), we have violets galore. As an experiment last summer and because we were looking for places not to mow, we stopped mowing a section of the lawn behind the chicken coop, and within a few weeks we had some low-growing purple-tinged grass whose name I do not know, Queen Anne's lace, milkweed, and other wildflowers. Maybe this year I'll get around to identifying all of them.

Dale is enjoying something an awful lot. Is it flora or fauna? Or is he simply doing what we'd be doing if we gave physical expression to the emotions a beautiful day excites in us? Good dog!

Finally, the crabapples are in bloom! (B's first memory: Sitting in a crabapple tree in May, watching his dad unload a truckful of chairs from the primary Sunday School room of the Baptist church where he was preacher. The chairs were set up on the front lawn for B's third birthday party.)

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