31 May 2007

blue-eyed grass

My friend P in Clifton Park says this is pretty much her favorite flower. For some reason it often doesn't live through the winter in her garden, so almost every year she has to go out and buy some. She loves it because it's so cheerful looking and small, only about six inches top to bottom. The Latin is Sisyrinchium angustifolium. "Angustifolium" refers to the narrowness of the leaves, "folium" for leaf, and "angusti" for narrow, I guess? I've got two clumps at the edge of the perennial bed, and they haven't spread much, if at all. If they do, I'll give a division to P. It's a member of the iris family, which you might surmise if you lie on the ground and focus in nice and close, like I did to take this picture.

At the other end of the garden was a nice fat clump of perennial flax. I wish I had a picture of it, but, sadly, it died this spring. I don't know why. Maybe it was killed off over the winter, and the green I thought I saw in April was left over from last fall. What I love best about this plant, genus Linum, is that the clear blue flowers lose their petals every evening, so for a period of about a month there are piles of blue petals sprinkled around the plants. It's low, too, though not as low as the blue-eyed grass. If I can locate some plants this spring, I'll definitely make room for it again.

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