23 April 2007

planted this weekend

B went to Agway on Thursday and bought a number of different kinds of potatoes, which he planted in three boxes in his vegetable garden yesterday. Among them is Cobbler, which is supposed to mash particularly well. He planted red potatoes, blue potatoes, Yukon gold, and a potato that is red through and through, well, actually pink. He also planted some mesclun and arugula. We haven't ever planted so many early spring crops.

I planted some onions around the peas, which have sprouted! Before we left for a reunion of my college singing group on Friday afternoon, I put the sweet pea seeds in to soak. I should have soaked them for only 24 hours, but I didn't get around to planting them in the chicken coop until Sunday afternoon. I think they'll be fine. I've read around on various blogs that sweet peas can be difficult, so I don't know what to expect. I've also read they grow best in cool weather and like to have their feet cool, too, so once they're up, I'll mulch around them. I cut back the sweet autumn clematis in the chicken coop a few weeks ago and am eager to see the first sprouts from that.

In the flower gardens, the aconitum is up, the "David" phlox is coming up (I may move it from the back of the phlox patch to the front, because it seems not to grow as tall as the other varieties I've planted), and at least one clump of blue-eyed grass made it through the winter. The red lupines are up, the sedums are sprouting, and the peonies, daylilies, and gaura are showing signs of life. I cleaned up around the stachys, and cut back the thyme, nepeta, and artemisia. We'll see how it all comes along.

I love this time of year.

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