03 April 2007

peas & potatoes

The past weekend was glorious: lovely temperatures and sun on Saturday and Sunday. I worked outside a bit on Saturday—in between rehearsing for Palm Sunday at church and playing with the dog. Pruned the dead wood and dried blossoms from a tree hydrangea on the southeast corner of the house and moved gravel back onto the driveway from the lawn. I hope we won’t need to have the driveway plowed any more until November or December!

On Sunday, after church, I planted some snow peas and shelling peas. The envelopes they came in said peas can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked, so work it I did. I’m looking forward to seeing some green shoots out in the vegetable garden.

The soil was very cool, but dry enough that I was able to spread it smoothly over the peas. I’m always amazed when seeds that I put directly into the ground actually turn into plants. The process doesn’t seem quite as miraculous to me when I start plants from seed indoors, but seeing a row of tiny green seedlings out in the garden always takes my breath away.

Last year B planted potatoes on Good Friday, 14 April 2006. His Grannie always planted them on Good Friday in Kentucky, so he thought he’d give it a try in upstate New York. Nothing showed for about two or three weeks, during which time we worried that the potatoes had rotted in the ground or had been eaten by a vole with a hankering for home fries. Eventually, though, they took root and sent up shoots, and we had a generous harvest of red, blue, and yellow spuds in August. Ah! B says potatoes have been the most satisfying vegetable he’s grown so far, and he’s grown some beautiful tomatoes, squash, beans, beets, and onions in the past two years. He tells me he’s going to devote an entire 4×4-foot square to potatoes this year. We won't be at Pleasant Hill on Good Friday 2007, but he hopes to get the potatoes into the ground soon after.

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