03 April 2007

behind the garage, april 2006

From last year's garden journal:
1 April 2006, Saturday

Cleaned out behind the garage (looks pretty nice, eh?); were just an amazing number of raspberry canes there. So brambly and hard to pull up. G&N evidently used the space to dump their old Christmas trees, too, as well as wreaths; I found a number of old rusted wreath forms. Very funny, our similar impulses.

Went to the hardware store this afternoon with the chain saw. To sharpen it is $3.00; K did it in 10 minutes, and he said that while it wasn’t very dull, I’d probably notice a big difference in the way it cut.

Man, that saw works well with a sharp chain. Amazing. Got three trees chopped into short lengths that are now stacked in the meadow to dry. B did a lot more work on the orchard, and we are, between the two of us, really cleaning things up.
We’ve continued to clean things up. It’s a slow process. We cut branches and drag them to the huge brush pile we call “the habitat” (justification for having a big pile of dead branches in the middle of the orchard; if animals can use it for shelter, it’s all right with us!). In the course of a year and a half, however, it’s become less “habitat” and more “fire hazard.” So, slowly, slowly we’re feeding it into a chipper and spreading the wood chips onto paths through the woods beside and behind the house.

We figure we have about a month and a half of good brush-cutting weather left before the trees leaf out and the grass begins to grow. I wonder how much we can get accomplished in that time?

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